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List Price: $360,000 Business Sold

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

Significant Proprietary IP Included, Running Lean


  • Revenue $166,276
  • Net Income $152,260
  • Founded 2010
  • Business Model eCommerce
  • Time Commitment 5-10 hrs/week


This business is designed to help customers build their own crowdfunding website or platform through WordPress. With a myriad of proprietary plugins and themes, a healthy swath of customers discover the business organically, while others click-through from paid ads, or from within the WordPress plugin database.

Customers may start with a freemium version of the product with the option to upgrade to one of two main plugin licenses — one for smaller-scale operations, and the other for white-label enterprise endeavors. In addition to these products, customers are also offered an installation service and additional wordpress themes.

Established via “soft” launch in 2010, the business partners redoubled their efforts upon noticing profitable trends centered around the crowdfunding themes and modules they had made available. Acquiring their closest competitors in 2013 (a plugin and theme, respectively) allowed revenue to nearly quintuple.

The now-sole owner began this company with a business partner who left the company in 2017. The business went through a transition phase, and to streamline and stabilize operations, the owner decided to no longer employ developers or support engineers, reducing costs drastically.

The number of growth opportunities for the new owner are impressive, with Google Adwords and light SEO work being the only active areas of involvement at this time (other than customer support tickets and light development work).

Given one’s full attention and time, which the current owner no longer wishes to devote due to other entrepreneurial pursuits, this business stands to grow nicely with the right leader at the helm.

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