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Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

4 y/o eco-friendly garden product store selling non-invasive wildflower seeds.


  • Revenue $461,427
  • Net Income $163,674
  • Founded June 2014
  • Business Model eCommerce
  • Time Commitment 15 - 20 Hours / Week


This business manufactures and sells a gardening product which takes a fun and easy approach to gardening and growing beautiful flowers. Each brightly colored ‘seedball’ contains a variety of non-invasive wildflowers that are native to the region the customer chooses. The native, non-gmo products are made from organic compost, powdered red clay, coconut coir, and of course wildflower seeds.

The products are sold online through the Shopify eCommerce platform. Most orders (90%+) are fulfilled via the 3PL relationship, wholesale orders are fulfilled in-house (5%-10% of overall sales). The products are manufactured in Daly City, CA. The majority of inventory is stored at a 3PL facility located in Denver, Colorado.

Since 2014, the business has achieved year-over-year growth. The business experiences a high-degree of seasonality due to the agricultural nature of the products and optimal gardening spring season in the US. Historically, March and April are the primary revenue generating months, seeing substantial increases in sales during spring time when people are actively gardening with the remainder of the year being a low season.

The sale includes everything you would need to maintain the business and continue growth in this trending ‘green’ niche. All relationships from fulfillment, packaging, suppliers, employees etc., as well as current pricing and distribution agreements are transferable to the new owner. The majority of the operations are handled by the trained staff and while the business manufactures its own products, (a competitive advantage many businesses do not have) the business’s operations are not overly complex.

The Owner is looking to exit by selling a majority stake, (up to 90%) to focus on a new venture, whilst remaining invested in the future success of the business. Under the right ownership, this business is poised for explosive growth with many sales channels considerably underutilized and untapped.

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