Premium Portfolio of Highly Engaging
Content Resources for Teachers

List Price: $3,750,000

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

Strong Foundation of Networks Within The EDU Space


  • Revenue $936,515
  • Net Income $490,163
  • Founded Portfolio Varies
  • Business Model Content
  • Time Commitment 20 hrs/week


This listing features a network of preeminent free teacher resource websites, many of which have been in existence for over 20 years. There are more than a dozen active websites, with over 700,000+ email addresses subscribed in total.

Monetization is mostly through advertising, driven by eBlasts, display banners, sponsored content and even course sales. All of these methods can be expanded upon, or cross-referenced for further effect. The current ownership also created a network of higher-spend publishing partners due to demand that stretched beyond their general ad sales platform.

Spanning nearly 50,000 pages of content altogether, the market reach of these websites is much larger than many other publishers. This means that agencies and advertisers can place one order instead of having to place multiple orders with multiple publishers.

The team maintains a lean operation despite its extensive reach, with only a handful of key staff and additional contractors, all of whom would carry over to new ownership.

This portfolio would be perfect for a publisher of online content and/or books who would be seeking to expand their footprint into the education market. Additionally, companies who direct market to teachers & schools could leverage the extensive reach in the EDU market as a lead-gen / branding opportunity for itself.

Despite COVID impacting education nationwide, the portfolio maintained stable revenue. The American Rescue Plan seeks to boost education funding by almost $200b, including funds to safely reopen schools and universities, enact building improvements, increase hiring, as well as counteracting “learning loss” that was incurred during the pandemic.

Given the foreseeable future, significant increased demand for marketing to educators will need to be met.

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  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength POPULAR TEACHER RESOURCE WEBSITES
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength EMAIL LIST AGGREGATE OF 700,000+
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength ALMOST 50,000 PAGES OF TOTAL CONTENT
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength UNTAPPED GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength MOTIVATED SELLER

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