Online law firm
with robust CRM

List Price: $115,000 Business Sold

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

Entirely remote online law firm with robust CRM and dedicated contractors


  • Revenue $142,409
  • Net Income $68,162
  • Founded 2014
  • Business Model eCommerce
  • Time Commitment 7-12 hrs/week


This business provides a fantastic opportunity, whether you are an established law firm, or a globetrotting entrepreneur (preferably one fond of and familiar with the Australian trademark space). However, it is not a priority to be in Australia, nor an expert of Australian trademark law: the current owner has operated this business from all over the world, spending on average 7-12 hours per week on operations. A dedicated trademark attorney, admin assistant and SEO/Adwords guru handle the bulk of operations at a nominal monthly cost.

There are an impressive number of growth opportunities for a new owner to take advantage of, most of them unexplored. There has been a suitable amount of SEO work applied to the site, roughly 18 months back, that is now proving to yield excellent gains in organic results. Same, too, for the paid search efforts.

Yet to be utilized at all are targeted marketing campaigns, whether through email newsletters, data mining, and retargeting — all which could help gain new clients and re-engage former ones. 

Given a new owner’s full attention and interest in this specialized niche of the legal profession, as well as marketing efforts yet to be trialed, the business stands to grow nicely with its next leader at the helm.

Winter 2021 Update: SDE (across trailing twelve months) has almost doubled since the business was listed in July 2020

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