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List Price: $245,000 Business Sold

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6 y/o passive business selling meditation, personal improvement, and self-help products


  • Revenue $165,539
  • Net Income $120,236
  • Founded 2012
  • Business Model eCommerce
  • Time Commitment 5-10 hrs/week


These two sister-sites operate in the self-help, personal improvement, and meditation spaces and enjoy a robust social media following and loyal customer base.

The custom-built sites offer over 200 self-guided hypnosis and meditation audio guides. All content has been uniquely created by known neurophysiologists and psychologists. The businesses are passive from an ownership perspective, as MP3s sales are delivered automatically at checkout, and all CD orders (~20% of overall purchases) are outsourced to a trusted fulfillment provider.

The co-owners, a husband and wife team, purchased the businesses in June of 2017 but recently decided to sell in order to pursue a new project that requires a full-time commitment. Their current operations do not exceed 10 hours per week and consist mainly of light marketing duties (email campaigns and promotions) and contractor management.

The sites’ web developer and customer service representative are willing to stay on to with the new owner. Should the new owner prefer to handle web development and answering support tickets, over half of the total expenses (labor) could be saved in trade for an additional 10-15 hours per week.

In addition to the underutilized ~250k Facebook followers, there are a healthy amount of untapped growth opportunities available for both businesses. A new owner with social media campaigns, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, and SEO experience could easily increase traffic and revenue performance.

In September 2018, the owner’s started a licensing deal with a hypnosis app business.  They licensed the rights to use all the hypnosis albums on their mobile app. This provides a steady revenue of $1,652 per month, (nearly $20,000 per year, approx 12% increase to revenue annually while requiring no additional effort or expense).  The contract is month-to-month, so should the new owner want to extend the contract, renegotiate, or cancel it, this can be adjusted as needed. In addition, the contract is not exclusive, so there’s an opportunity to set up new licensing deals with other hypnosis, meditation, or self-help app businesses as additional sources of income.

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