High-End Homeware
Accessories Brand

List Price: $285,000 Business Sold

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

3-year-old Homeware Accessories eCommerce Store


  • Revenue $284,311
  • Net Income $171,536
  • Founded 2015
  • Business Model eCommerce
  • Time Commitment 20 Hours


Established in 2015, this eCommerce business sells premium homeware accessories. The business’ primary customers are young professionals and middle-aged women. The business drives the majority of and sales through newsletter campaigns, social media marketing and 3rd party marketplaces. The customer base is primarily located in the US, with less than 10% of products sold internationally. The business carries inventory and stores it on location. Because the business utilizes a make-to-order system, it stores a large amount of pre-pressed items on the premises. Once an order is submitted, the owner then converts the inventory into a pressed item. The business utilizes 4 suppliers and has excellent relationships, but no written agreements, with them. The owners spends approximately 20 hours per week operating the business. This time is primarily spent maintaining the website, fulfilling the orders, and handling customer service queries.

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  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Strong Social Media Following
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Positive Reviews
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength High Quality Products
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Location Independent
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Established Strategic Relationships
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Streamlined Processes

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