Highly profitable B2B content
marketing agency with high margins

List Price: $2,500,000

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

50% net margins and 100% Y/Y growth


  • Revenue $965,014
  • Net Income $529,396
  • Founded 2016
  • Business Model Services
  • Time Commitment 2-4 hours per week


This business provides content marketing produced by top-tier journalists. Their self sufficient team is particularly specialized in the B2B SaaS industry, having produced hundreds of pieces of content. This uniqueness has enabled the agency to keep prices higher and margins north of 50%, achieving 400% YoY growth in 2019, and 100% YoY growth in 2020. 

The business also has strong unit economics that would enable many growth opportunities under a new owner. The average Customer Acquisition Cost is $500; the Average Order Value is $25,000; the Customer Lifetime Value is $40,000; and 60% of revenue comes from Repeat Customer Purchases.

This past year, growth was interrupted by COVID (and its effect on clients), as well as a burned-out, former General Manager. The team is now crushing it under new leadership, with projections for *new business* across Q1 & Q2-2021 already over $300,000 – the first payment of $58,000 happening this month (December 2020). This tally does *not* include the existing pipeline, which is robust. 

The current owner works 2-4 hours per week, lightly overseeing all three employees. A new owner does not need any specific skills, however marketing and specifically content marketing experience would be helpful for growing the business faster. The ideal buyer could be someone who runs an SEO or creative agency, since they could expand their offering nicely.

A full list of growth opportunities are so abundant, we needed four pages to cover them all (p22-26). Entirely unexplored efforts include paid advertising of any kind, search engine optimization, and setting up an inbound lead-funnel (the past two years’ business has been referral based *only*). There has been light dabbling in email marketing, an unofficial referral network, cross pollination of PR/internal content, and outbound sales tests — which combined have achieved over $250k of business, by barely lifting a finger. 

A new owner & expanded team could scale these opportunities massively.

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