Established B2B SaaS product
averaging $4.7k/mo profit

List Price: $349,000 Under Offer

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

Great B2B Opportunity to Scale


  • Revenue $136,781
  • Net Income $56,897
  • Founded 2019
  • Business Model SaaS
  • Time Commitment 10 hrs/week


This SaaS platform allows any business or entrepreneur to manage and grow their business on a budget. Operating on longer-term [1 / 3 / 5 year and Lifetime] plans, a new owner would be wise to implement more traditional monthly billing arrangements.

In addition, there are an impressive number of growth opportunities for a new owner to take advantage of, most of them unexplored. There has been virtually no social media marketing or paid ad experimentation of any kind.  There have been no targeted marketing campaigns to the site’s 3,000+ email subscribers. B2B partnerships have yielded great results, but the current owners have only cracked the tip of the iceberg. Once migration to monthly and annual billing is complete, an affiliate network – requested by many current users – would be wise to replace the current deal site partnerships.

The finalization of one such partnership should foretell the numbers bouncing back to where they were prior to having been locked into that contract (October 2020).

Given one’s full attention and interest in this specialized SaaS niche, we feel the business stands to do quite well with its next leader at the helm.

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  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength STREAMLINED / LEAN OPERATIONS
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength SPECIALIZED SAAS NICHE
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength AMPLE GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength MOTIVATED SELLER

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