Street Apparel
eCommerce Store

List Price: $1,986,000 Business Sold

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Rapidly growing online retail store specializing in 'on trend' streetwear apparel


  • Revenue $2,106,780
  • Net Income $675,121
  • Founded 2014
  • Business Model eCommerce
  • Time Commitment 20 Hours


Founded 2014, this fashion retail store has gained traction quickly and continues to experience explosive growth due to it’s innovative approach to retail, whereby the two owner’s closely monitor what’s ‘on trend’ and utilize their diverse list of suppliers to quickly source the coolest streetwear products. The business has experience strong growth, generating over $2million+ in sales over the trailing twelve months.

The owners’ attribute the business’ growth to their approach to viral digital marketing, and are willing to provide extensive post-sale training and support to ensure the all tricks of the trade are fully transferred over to the new owner. In the past 6 months, traffic volume has seen hockey-stick growth (900,000+ users) whilst maintaining strong engagement (5+ minutes average session time). The business is 100% dropship, with two 3PLs in North America and 37 manufacturers and suppliers across Asia. The owner’s now spend a combined 20 hours a week overseeing the operations, with most of the critical roles and responsibilities fulfilled by 4 full-time remote staff, who are willing to continue working under new ownership.

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  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Large Subscriber Base
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Great Customer Engagement
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength Strong Social Media Presence
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength 200% YoY Growth
  • Dealflow Brokerage - Strength High Traffic Engagement

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