Screen Recording
Software Company

List Price: $700,000 Business Sold

Dealflow Brokerage - Listing

20 Yr Old Screen Recording Software Company


  • Revenue $872,709
  • Net Income $336,126
  • Founded 1997
  • Business Model SaaS
  • Time Commitment 5 Hours


Established in 1997, this well-known brand offers popular consumer-oriented audio and video recording, converting, and editing software programs for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Over the years the business has grown and added a variety of quality products resulting in a loyal customer base of over 700k paid customers. The products appeal to both individual and businesses customers who purchase the recording software programs for a variety of reasons and applications.

The Business generates revenue from the sale of a variety of software products that enable audio and video recording converting and editing. The programs can be purchased individually or within a value bundle. The owners do not own the intellectual property for the products but instead contract several development companies who maintain the programs. The companies own the IP rights and source code and receive a royalty from each sale. These relationships are transferrable to the new owner and present an opportunity to increase margins if the new owner has their own development team.

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