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Upcoming Dealflow Meetups in California & Colorado

By Joseph Carroll


We will be joining Chris Yates, founder of Rhodium Weekend, to support his meetup events in San Francisco (June 14th), San Diego (June 20th) and Boulder (June 27th).

This is an exclusive meet up for digital entrepreneurs, investors and influencers who are interested in building, acquiring & selling high-value online businesses.  As an attendee you will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and help each other overcome roadblocks by sharing experiences.


The Dealflow team will be in attendance at the following events:

The agenda begins with 30 minutes of networking followed by one hour of facilitated discussions where you’ll get to help and be helped by others attending. Then, for those interested, we’ll continue the conversation at dinner after.


These events are co-hosted by Chris Yates and the Dealflow team. Chris is a digital entrepreneur who acquires, grows, and sells online businesses and organizes events for others who do the same.

Dealflow will be sending Jamie Toyne (CEO) and Nathan Vannoy (Broker) to facilitate discussions on buying, selling and growing digital businesses, giving an unique perspective as brokers and investors.

This event is designed for entrepreneurs and investors who own website and app based businesses. Meet a range of people across business types including ecommerce, Amazon sellers, advertising or affiliate based sites, SaaS, productized services, mobile apps, subscription, and other digital business models.


Have you ever heard the saying “you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with?” This is an event designed to surround yourself with other like-minded people so you can increase your average. We believe it’s more efficient to learn from other people’s mistakes than to have to make them yourself. This meetup creates an environment of open experience sharing and a “give first” culture so we can all help each other become more successful. You’ll walk away with new friends willing to help you in the future, tons of business growth ideas, and that feeling of energy that comes from surrounding yourself with the right people.

How do I register for these events?

Please register for free before the event on the eventbrite page for the city you’d like to attend.

Want more information?

Send an email to team@dealflowbrokerage.com for additional information about the upcoming events!

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