The importance of quality, white hat SEO for maximizing your business value

By Jamie Toyne

You’re tossing and turning in your bed, trying to fall asleep, but thoughts about your business are haunting you again. You have an awesome website that you eventually want to sell, but the strategies to increase its business value can be confusing– some strategies can be done instantly; others require more time…

The Five Primary Online Business Models Explained

By Jamie Toyne

In the world of buying and selling online businesses, the term “business model” is used to describe the way in which a company generates revenue, as well as which types of goods and services it specializes in providing. In short, business model describes the overall blueprint and makeup of a company’s operations.…

Dealflow introduces a one time identity verification check

By Jamie Toyne

The confidentiality of our clients and the information they provide us is our top concern, which is why today I am excited to announce our new platform partnership with Sum&Substance, a GDPR compliant UK software and technology company specialized in remote KYC / AML identity verification systems. Beginning July 3, 2018 all…

A New Chapter: Dealflow Incorporated

By Jamie Toyne

So what’s happening with Dealflow? Dealflow together with Flippa have achieved great success over the last 4 years. Due to rapid growth, Dealflow now operates as its own entity. This will allow Flippa to continue dominating as the #1 marketplace for trading digital assets, and for Dealflow to continue its journey as…

Upcoming Dealflow Meetups in California & Colorado

By Joseph Carroll

We will be joining Chris Yates, founder of Rhodium Weekend, to support his meetup events in San Francisco (June 14th), San Diego (June 20th) and Boulder (June 27th).

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