How SaaS Company valuations work: Multiples, MRR & Metrics Explained

By Los Silva

Cloud-based software is a huge draw for many companies. The ability to store all a company’s data in one reliable place is a must in all types of ventures, from small businesses to giant corporations. Also known as Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, this business technology is used to help companies manage their data,…

How to Sell Your SaaS Product to More Customers

By Josh Snow

In recent years the growth rates of Software as a Service businesses have rocketed. By 2021 nearly 73% of organisations indicate that nearly all their apps will be Saas. Therefore, if you have an established Saas business, or if you are thinking of starting or purchasing a SaaS business, there’s never been…

The Dropshipping Business Model Explained

By Josh Snow

You might have heard the term ‘dropshipping’ if you are interested in online business. But what exactly is it and how does it work? A dropshipping business is a bit like any ecommerce business, where the owner sells products online. But with one major difference. Instead of producing or stocking the items…

How Does Amazon Associates Work? Business Model Explained

By Los Silva

Amazon Associates is an effective, straightforward program that allows you to easily monetize a website or blog. A simple system that lets you earn money every time someone clicks on the Amazon affiliate link that you place on your site. If you are a site owner, entrepreneur or looking for your next…

The Affiliate Marketing Business Model Explained

By Josh Snow

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry and growing. In its simplest form, this passive online business model means placing a link to someone else’s product on your website, and earning a commission from them every time you make a sale. With different affiliate programs to choose from and no limits on…

The Amazon FBA Business Model Explained

By Los Silva

You can’t deny the power of Amazon. Since its creation, it has become the biggest ecommerce platform in the US, meaning that it is hard for online sellers to ignore. Especially with their FBA program—Fulfilled By Amazon—an initiative in which Amazon handles the logistics and customer service for online sellers, as long…

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