Senior M&A Advisor

Kevin Fink

Kevin has a wealth of experience dealing with domains and websites dating back to 2010. Having worked for and consulted some of the world’s largest brokerages and marketplaces he has traversed everything from closing deals to growth marketing.

“I love the investigative process of analyzing a client’s business: putting myself in the shoes of a prospective buyer allows me to get to know both the buyer and their business in illuminating ways!”

Kevin has facilitated the sale and purchase of dozens of high value web assets through an increasingly large network of loyal clients. His success can be attributed to his deep understanding of ‘the deal’ and his dedication to achieving a result that is celebrated on both sides. He enjoys getting to know clients on both a personal and professional level, and has learned first hand the necessity of having empathy and patience.

“Selling one’s business can be a very emotional journey. We’re here to help steward this process, while balancing any possible nervousness a buyer may have as well. It can sometimes be a tightrope walk, but we’re all human and most of the time aim to be understood most of all.”

Splitting his time between California and Oregon, Kevin is also a swimmer, outdoors-enthusiast, Audio/Visual artist and vinyl record nerd in his spare time.

Dealflow Brokerage - Kevin Fink

Senior M&A Advisor

Nick Brown

Nick holds two masters degrees, including an MBA, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions. He enjoys distilling complex business concepts into effective sales materials, as well as working closely with his clients to source quality investment opportunities and facilitate fair, equitable deals.

“I’m lucky to work with such inspiring people who acquire and exit businesses for different reasons. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping a client transition from one opportunity to the next.”

Before Nick’s career in internet M&A, he worked in the legal and insurance sectors, where he gained experience in business analysis, contract negotiation, and strategic planning. He has successfully brokered dozens of deals and developed a large network of SaaS and eCommerce investors.

“I love negotiating deal terms because whilst it’s challenging, there’s almost always a way to find a win-win between buyer and seller.”

Nick was born and raised in Louisiana. In his spare time, he can be found traveling, kayaking, or rooting for his favorite sports teams – Lakers, Penguins, and Arsenal.

Dealflow Brokerage - Nick Brown Dealflow Brokerage - Nick Brown

Founder & CEO

Jamie Toyne

Jamie is a serial entrepreneur and a former Director at Flippa.com. During the completion of his double-degree in finance and entrepreneurship at RMIT, Jamie consulted large retail brands on their eCommerce strategy. He then shifted his focus toward internet companies where he bought and sold websites and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same.

“I’ve wanted to run online businesses since I was a kid for its freedom and flexibility. Now my job is to help others achieve the same”.

In 2014, he relocated from Melbourne to San Francisco to base himself in the center of web and tech entrepreneurship, where he has built powerful networks and a world class M&A team. Today Dealflow has brokered hundreds of deals and is internationally recognized as a leading internet business broker.

“We are so lucky to do what we do. We get to look under the hood inspiring businesses every day and play a really important role in an entrepreneur’s career.”

When Jamie isn’t working alongside his team, he is playing tennis tournaments or surfing waves in a number of his favorite international destinations.

Dealflow Brokerage - Jamie Toyne Dealflow Brokerage - Jamie Toyne

Partner | Strategy

Michael Bereslavsky

Michael is an online business entrepreneur and investor. He started building, buying and selling websites as a student and later founded Domain Magnate in 2008 to make a career out of it. The business has since grown and transformed to focus on acquisitions and sales of established websites.

“When the opportunity to join forces with Jamie and the Dealflow Team arose, I immediately recognized potential in the complementary strengths of our teams.”

Michael specializes in M&A of content, affiliate, e-commerce and SaaS businesses. He was featured in numerous industry publications and conferences and consults entrepreneurs on buying and selling web businesses, marketing and growth strategy.

“I’ve been working in this space for more than 10 years and it only seems to be getting more interesting and more enjoyable”.

Michael has lived and travelled all around the world. Thailand is home for now, however every month or so he’ll take his laptop on tour to visit a new destination.

Dealflow Brokerage - Michael Bereslavsky