Senior M&A Advisor

Nathan Vannoy

Nathan is a Senior M&A Advisor with professional experience in financial analysis, contract negotiation, operations, business development, and market strategy. Prior to his career in tech, Nathan worked for the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. as well as supported several international government programs as a financial analyst.

“Valuing companies is one of my favorite parts of the job because each business is different, I’m constantly learning new things.”

By leveraging a strong business acumen and an ability to work with first-time buyers to seasoned entrepreneurs, Nathan helps navigate the challenges associated with business acquisitions to achieve desired outcomes. He knows first-hand that the buying and selling process can at times seem daunting and enjoys working closely with clients through every step of the process to ensure smooth and straightforward acquisitions.

“After months of working closely together, you become invested in your client’s story – and closing the deal is the perfect ending”

Originally from Colorado, Nathan has lived and worked in major cities across the US from the East coast to West, as well as internationally, gaining invaluable professional experience and meeting unforgettable people along the way.

Dealflow Brokerage - Nathan Vannoy Dealflow Brokerage - Nathan Vannoy

Senior M&A Advisor

Nick Brown

Nick holds two masters degrees, including an MBA, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions. He enjoys distilling complex business concepts into effective sales materials, as well as working closely with his clients to source quality investment opportunities and facilitate fair, equitable deals.

“I’m lucky to work with such inspiring people who acquire and exit businesses for different reasons. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping a client transition from one opportunity to the next.”

Before Nick’s career in internet M&A, he worked in the legal and insurance sectors, where he gained experience in business analysis, contract negotiation, and strategic planning. He has successfully brokered dozens of deals and developed a large network of SaaS and eCommerce investors.

“I love negotiating deal terms because whilst it’s challenging, there’s almost always a way to find a win-win between buyer and seller.”

Nick was born and raised in Louisiana. In his spare time, he can be found traveling, kayaking, or rooting for his favorite sports teams – Lakers, Penguins, and Arsenal.

Dealflow Brokerage - Nick Brown Dealflow Brokerage - Nick Brown

Founder & CEO

Jamie Toyne

During the completion of his double-degree in finance and entrepreneurship at RMIT, Jamie got his start in corporate strategy consulting, advising large retail brands on their web presence and eCommerce strategy.

“I fell into this line of work because I’ve idolized web entrepreneurs since I was a kid. I feel very lucky to be working so closely with them now.”

After a short stint in corporate consulting, Jamie helped develop and launch a now leading energy-monitoring technology before shifting his focus to the world of internet business M&A. In 2014, Jamie relocated from Melbourne to San Francisco to base himself in the center of web and tech entrepreneurship, where he has built powerful networks and a world class M&A team.

“I love what we do. We get to look under the hood of a dozen different businesses every day, and be part of some really inspiring stories.”

When Jamie isn’t working alongside his team, he is playing tennis tournaments or surfing waves in a number of his favorite international destinations.

Dealflow Brokerage - Jamie Toyne Dealflow Brokerage - Jamie Toyne