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A New Chapter: Dealflow Incorporated

By Jamie Toyne

So what’s happening with Dealflow?

Dealflow together with Flippa have achieved great success over the last 4 years. Due to rapid growth, Dealflow now operates as its own entity. This will allow Flippa to continue dominating as the #1 marketplace for trading digital assets, and for Dealflow to continue its journey as a leading online business broker.

Flippa’s CEO Tony Barrett, and Co-Founders Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz, have been incredibly supportive throughout this transition, guaranteeing Dealflow’s continued success for decades to come.

Dealflow continues to have exclusive access to Flippa’s 1M+ network of web entrepreneurs and investors, maintaining a strong competitive advantage with respect to our ability to reach qualified buyers and sellers others cannot.

Since launching the new platform just 8 weeks ago, Dealflow has already completed 5 deals totaling $2,553,000 in sales!

Looking back

As a member of the team assigned to creating Flippa’s brokerage service, it is incredibly humbling to reflect on how much we have achieved:

  • Developed a world class brokerage team;
  • Performed more than 35,000 business valuations;
  • Brokered hundreds of high-value online businesses;
  • Registered tens of thousands of high-net-worth buyers;
  • Recorded more than $32 million in sales at a 92% success rate;

We succeeded in building one of the world’s leading online brokerage firms and have achieved incredible results for our valued clients.

Since the inception of Dealflow, there had been an ongoing discussion about whether to separate the two brands. Flippa’s do-it-yourself marketplace is fundamentally different to Dealflow’s premium end-to-end brokerage service.

Whilst Flippa’s strong industry presence allowed Dealflow to scale quickly, key stakeholders decided that to continue sharing resources would only limit the growth of both brands in the future.

The future

We see a promising road ahead for Dealflow. We have a simple vision and the right team in place to get it done. Our mission is to be the leading broker in high-value online business acquisitions.

Not only is this change the right move for both brands, but a huge win for our clients. Dealflow now has a laser focus on brokering 6 to 8 figure deals, whilst continuing to leverage Flippa’s huge network and resources to find you the best acquisition opportunities.

I’m extremely proud of the team we are building. Our advisors, brokers, and supporting staff come from unique professional backgrounds and have a wealth of experience in their respective fields.

We are all working hard at educating our clients on how to maximize their exit value and how to find the best acquisition opportunities tailored to their needs. The entire team is onboard and excited about the direction we are headed.

Flippa is also moving in a compelling direction and will continue to play an integral role in our industry. As official partners, the bond between both Flippa and Dealflow remains strong, and we expect this to be the case for many years to come.

Our new platform

We are excited about our powerful new data-matching capabilities, which allow us to easily pair buyers in our network with high-value businesses for sale in real time.

Whenever a user completes our buyer criteria form or updates their buyer profile, their information is stored in our custom CRM, which continuously searches for potential opportunity matches in the pipeline. The team qualifies potential matches and reaches out to clients whenever there is a new opportunity to be explored.

We will continue to focus our efforts on data intelligence with the aim of helping our clients source stronger buyers and greater investment opportunities. Stay tuned via our newsletter for upcoming feature releases.

As a valuable member of our industry, we welcome all feedback that would better your experience.


First and foremost, we’d like to thank Flippa’s entire team, former and present, for their part in Dealflow’s development and success. A special mention to Joseph Carroll, Josh Mangan, Liam Norton, Nick Kenn, Tony Barrett, Zin Lwin, Matt Mickiewicz, Elora Kask, Luke McCormack, Chris Holle and Mark Harbottle.

Bryan O’Neil, who has a wealth of experience in the digital acquisitions space and laid down a solid foundation for the Dealflow team to build on.

Mark Doust, who has dedicated a decade of his life to educating this young and developing industry. Trust will always be a challenging hurdle when transacting millions of dollars online, so it’s important to have educators like Mark who build confidence and make this space more inviting.

Other educators of mention, Justin Gilchrist, former business partner and author of Digitally Wed; Chris Yates, founder of Rhodium Mastermind; Thomas Smale, thought leader at events across the globe; Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti, who keep it fresh and engaging through their podcast; and Jeff Hunt, who has educated thousands of digital entrepreneurs.

In closing, we are overwhelmed with the support we have received and are determined to make the most of this opportunity.

Exciting times ahead!

Jamie Toyne
Chief Executive Officer

– ps. please reach out to us at team@dealflowbrokerage.com, or you can contact me directly at jamie@dealflowbrokerage.com.

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